Lifestyle Financial Planning
for Business Owners

One of the biggest problems you face as a Business Owner is that although you know the importance of setting plans and achieving targets for your business... may not be doing the same in your personal life – particularly with your personal finances.

Sadly, what this means is that you are likely to fall seriously short of the financial structure you need to support your lifestyle when you finally retire from your business!! All those years of work – with a pittance at the end!!!

So, why have so many business owners left themselves so vulnerable? You probably know the answers as well as I do!

Firstly, you are so very, very busy – with a multitude of overwhelming responsibilities – that there is hardly time to consider your own financial future.

Secondly, because we are all seduced by that often-fatal mantra “My Business is My Pension!”

The fact is, the few Small Businesses that eventually do sell, seldom realise anything like what the owner had hoped for.

The bottom line is, unless you take action to carefully plan your financial strategy, there is a real chance that you will be trapped – almost entirely dependent on the sale price of your business... for the following 25 years. A pretty high-risk strategy!

But there is a solution!

What if you could step in to a time bubble and have a look at what your financial future looks like? What if you did not like what you saw but could then step back to the present and take action immediately before it is too late? Wouldn’t that give you confidence?

This is not the time to undertake a huge learning curve, piecing together all the solutions to your financial requirements. Each element requires professional skill, knowledge, proven expertise, experience and judgement.

Shrewd business owners delegate this vital task to a professional and work with them to create a cohesive, tailored financial strategy. They set this in motion then review on a regular basis

Wouldn’t that make sense to you, the busy entrepreneur?

At Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd we can do just that. Our objective is to help you identify, achieve and maintain your desired future lifestyle, WITHOUT EVER HAVING THE FEAR OF RUNNING OUT OF MONEY. Contact us today on 01324 559976 and ask to speak to Scott Douglas and take the first step towards financial independence, financial security and total peace of mind.

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