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For those of you with 10 years or less to retirement, the major barrier I have found to you taking action is that you don’t know where to begin or how to begin planning for the future. You may have numerous pension pots accumulated over your working career. You may have a spouse/partner with the same variety of pension pots. You may have property assets or business assets along with savings and investments. It all becomes very confusing and you end up doing nothing as you have no idea how to pull them together and how they relate to your future retirement. So what should you do? Get in touch with Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd.

You are in the “accumulation” phase and rapidly heading towards a huge change as you enter the “income” phase of retirement which could last 30 years or more. You need to develop a new mindset and a new set of skills to deal with turning assets in to income. This is a specialised area of expertise and one that Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd help clients with on a daily basis. That is what we do. You are the centre of everything, not the products.


For those of you who have actually been through the “accumulation phase”, have retired and are now in the “income” phase, the challenge is slightly different. I meet so many people who have retired and are able to spend more on themselves to enhance them and their family’s lifestyle but hold back from doing so because of a fear that their money will run out. When I then show them how much extra they can spend on holidays or on treating themselves more often without their money running out, it gives them a new, brighter outlook on life. They start to view money in a different light knowing someone is helping them to plan for their future.

The objective is therefore not only to maximise the income being generated, it is being able to demonstrate to you how much you can afford to spend on your Lifestyle, without fear of your money ever running out.

This is a specialised area of expertise and one that Vision Lifestyle Financial Planning Ltd deal with on behalf of our retired clients on a daily basis. We provide you with Financial Security which in turn allows you to live your life with Financial Peace of Mind.

Our Great Clients

Many firms insist that you must have a certain level of financial assets before you can become their client. We don’t. Our one stipulation is that we only work with Great Clients. Here is our definition of what makes a Great Client:

You are a Great Client, if you are coachable and financially responsible. You want to manage your money intelligently. You are receptive to dealing with a financial professional because your time is precious and you like having business relationships.

You are busy working on your own career success or running a business or as a happy retiree, doing what you enjoy. Because you are good at your own profession, then you respect others who also excel.
You like discussing your goals and clarifying your current financial situation. You see the whole process of creating a financial strategy as exciting and important. You are grateful to find someone who is trustworthy, competent and knowledgeable to help you with your financial choices.

If this is you, please get in touch and take the first step towards planning for your future financial security and peace of mind.

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